A Tribute To Orpheus


It's 1970 and in the back of trick-out hippie van Galen Fitzpatrick has just hooked up with the first of three women who will indelibly mark his life. Sami is a hometown girl with big city ambitions. Galen, a musician, has his ambitions, too. And it's Seattle and psychedelia, Galen's jam band making a splash. Then tragedy and change and a new woman, Duffy—a rock-and-roll singer extraordinaire—sweeping Galen off his feet and onto a roller coaster ride into the heart of love's light and darkness. Then it's over, but is it? And then Christiana. And then as all three return, it's Galen's choosing moment.



"Remember when love was sweet and free? Choosing takes you back there, for nostalgia or for curiosity."

Cary Brown, THE DARK

"Reading Gary McKinney is like sitting in a bar drinking some beers and catching up with an old friend. A smooth easy style that comes complete with a juke box playing rock-and-roll in the background. What makes Choosing so compelling is that we've all been there and even knowing what we know, we'd do it all again.

Tom Nerini, Retired Para-glider

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