Darkness Bids the Dead Good Bye


A folk noir mystery featuring Joe Talley. Greenwich Village, 1963: Hootenannies are all the rage, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez are young fresh faces, and folk clubs are sprouting like mushrooms along MacDougal Street. When one of his performers is mugged and another killed, Joe Talley, manager of The Riding Beggar, searches for a missing demo tape that may hold a clue to the crimes.



"In the pre-Beatles early sixties folk music was, briefly, king. The Greenwich Village folk scene was the center of an infant universe that would blossom, a few years later, into the hippie, yippie, antiwar, summer-of-love counterculture. Rob Lopresti paints a loving and detailed portrait of those heady days.


"Rob Lopresti's love of folk music shines from the pages of his new mystery, Such a Killing Crime. The cauldron of history that gave birth to the rise of the early folk music scene-World War II, the Labor Movement, McCarthyism-is intrinsically woven into the rising chaos of 1960's drugs, sex and rock and roll. During this brief period between the Beat generation and the invasion of the Beatles, Lopresti exposes the complexities of Greenwich Village coffee houses and folk clubs, always mindful of the political underpinnings of the movement and its creative and financial precariousness. His tale mixes fictional murder with an actual death, peppered with historic personalities of the folk music world."

Jo Dereske, MISS ZUKAS mystery series

"Spooky. If I'd have known he was watching us so carefully, I would have been MUCH better."


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