Booklist Review April, 2012

The May issue of Booklist magazine featured our author Gary McKinney as a "Writer to Watch" in 2012. In November, 2011, Booklist reviewed Gary's book "Darkness Bids the Dead Goodbye," including giving it a star, Booklist's highest ranking.

Just out: We are proud to republish "The Millennium Shows" by Philip Baruth, one of, if not the best Grateful Dead-inspired literary fiction novels. First published in 1992, the new edition features cover art by Thomas Yeates, and a very readable new interior.

Upcoming for 2012: We are stepping out of our comfort zone, trade paperback fiction, into the world of full-color storybooks with the re-publication of "Cows with Guns." Originally a hit song both in the United States and overseas, especially Australia, an accompanying storybook was published in the late 1990's. It's been out of print for a number of years, and we are looking forward to bringing it back to life!

Also upcoming: We will be reissuing "Slipknot," the first of the Sheriff Gavin Pruitt, Deadhead, mystery series. The new edition will feature a Thomas Yeates illustration for the cover, as well as a text re-edited to more dynamically flow into the second of the Pruitt series, the aforementioned "Darkness Bids the Dead Goodbye."